The things we build and publish

Firstversionist empowers developers, designers and other web workers with powerful software that helps them get work done faster and better.


The browser for web development

A browser built from the ground up to create websites and apps.

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Use the design system you already have

Extract design tokens from websites. Export them to code and use them in your favorite design tool.

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Browser extensions to improve accessibility

The Fix Contrast browser extension automatically fixes text contrast issues on websites.

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Auto-saving scratchpad

A simple but smart note-taking app that automatically saves your changes

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We have also built neural networks for twitter bots, chatbot text adventures and publish many open source projects used by millions of developers worldwide.


About us

What we do, and how we do it

Call us a design studio, a product studio, a prototyping studio or a full-stack creation company, we're here to increase the speed of innovation worldwide, through our own applications and through solutions made for and with partners.

We ideate, design, validate, develop, test and launch concepts, and can help you with any of those stages. We work best in greenfield projects (hence the name!) with partners that are open to innovation and user centered design. We provide strategic guidance at each step of the process, taking both your unique business context as well as the larger outside context in consideration.

Project we can create include web, desktop and mobile applications, AR and VR experiences, chatbots and projects that require AI or Machine learning to provide engaging user experiences. As computational designers we use these technologies to inform our design and combine that with a firm understanding of user experience design, service design and accessibility. As a studio, we are open to creative capital constructions.

Firstversionist is the company representing Kilian Valkhof.


Our Values

What we stand for, who we are

  1. Simplify

    This actually said "Simplify, simplify, simplify", but it didn't fit our values.

  2. Innovating is fun

    The only way to make innovative products together is to be open to strange new ideas. You need to try and fail and try again and have fun along the way.

  3. Solve real problems

    VR, AR, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning are fascinating technologies that we are heavily experimenting with, But we're here to solve real problems, not look for projects to jam cool technologies into.

  4. Done is better than perfect

    The sooner something gets in front of real users, the sooner you'll realise that your perception of "perfect" was way off. So lets work to "done" and iterate.

  5. Be kind

    If you want to innovate you can only do so with a team of honest, positive people that want each other to succeed. We'll walk away if that environment isn't there, and we hope you would too.



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